Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Favourite Characters: Avuncular Astromech

Here's Pete Williams' affable minion Mump (from the too-soon-ended Undergrads)sporting his own tribute to the combination sparkplug and Swiss army knife that is one of my all-time favorite characters.

R2-D2 was imagined by George Lucas, Ralph McQuarrie and whoever built the Silent Running robots. He was portrayed by Kenny Baker and voiced by Ben Burtt (same voice as favorite character Wall-E. Coincidence? No). The adorable physicality is coupled with an adorable voice, and it's perfection in one package.

I can't remember a time when I didn't know Artoo. It's not even fair- he's in my DNA, like a conditioned response. I know he's brave, and smart, and loyal. I know he was built by Industrial Automaton. I know that his gadget arsenal includes a ronto prod, a lariat, and an inflatable raft.

I demand your attention with a blog like this, but, to be fair, you already love R2 or you're dead inside.

He's beloved by about a billion children and man-children worldwide.

He's the star of six movies, 4 cartoons, and an embarrassing Christmas special.

He's a shampoo.
He's a soy sauce.
From Arty Deco to BeepBoopBeep, from T-Bob to the MacBook, cuddly robot sidekicks everywhere owe it to the great uncle of cute robots, R2-D2.

There is no stopping him.

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Bookmonkey said...

Now if that poor little guy could only give up on his smoking habit...