Monday, June 21, 2010

My Reviews: Star Wars- The Clone Wars

Greetings! It is I, G-PRIME. I have hacked this lacklustre blogger's review to proclaim to the world the wonder that is Star Wars: The Clone Wars!
I imagine many of you, with your tiny, uninitiated minds thinking: "...the hell? Isn't that just for socially maladapted little boys? Isn't that from George 'Peaked in the Seventies' Lucas? Weren't those prequels disappointing?"

Well, in short, you're WRONG. Lucas has never made a mistake. Ever. Star Wars is perfection! Stop crapping on the stuff I love, idiots!

Why is everyone so distracted by inconsequenials like girls, work, girlfriends, wives... GIRLS! Girls are our enemies! Unless they're Jedi, I suppose. Girl Jedi are acceptable.

There's nothing in the universe I, Gimpy, like more than spending an evening alone in my room at Tekerson Tech, my minion Mump fetching me sugary beverages, with the shades drawn and the newly purchased DVD of this, the finest cartoon on Earth, the pinnacle of human achievement in television, the very dew distilled from heaven: Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Unless possibly I was watching it with Agent Scully of the X-Files. I expect her clinically logical mind would appreciate it as I do, and that she would patiently leave her questions to the end.

That's 8 hours of sheer bliss! Also, a doctor-recommended replacement for sleep.

Mump! My beverages!

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