Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Favourite Characters: Surly Space Simian

What's on his mind?

Gaze into stop-motion monkey eyes and ask yourself that very question, gentle blog-o-phile.

My favourite character this week is from my favourite cartoon of the year: Titan Maximum. From the twisted geniuses what brung us Robot Chicken, nine short episodes to date is simply not enough. When it comes out on DVD this August, I strongly encourage it be purchased, watched, and passed on to others. Especially me. Especially because of... monkey.

His name is Leon, 'voiced' by Dan Milano, although he seems entirely non-verbal. In the selfish, bizarre future human culture on the moon of Titan, this monkey is hard at work on the jobs too dull or dangerous for humans.

One of the great, strong silent types, pilot of the left leg of the giant robot mecha Titan Maximum, grudging token monkey in the human crew Titan Force Five, Leon is adorable, stalwart, competant, and makes the foul-mouthed human douchebags he's surrounded by seem all the more ludicrous.

When you can't say something nice...