Friday, June 25, 2010

Yet More Justice Beards: ST:McCoy, Frontier Doctor

Yesterday, I bought a comic I've been looking forward to for months. Of course, all the while I was waiting it was ALREADY on sale and I just never saw the thing. So issues 1 and 2 sold out while I was waiting. Oh, why, oh why didn't I ask Happy Harbor to hold it for me? Still. It comes out in trade by October. Probably.

Get this, I love every word of this:
IDW Comics.
'Star Trek: Leonard McCoy, Frontier Doctor'.
Written and Illustrated by John Byrne.

Byrne is very probably my all-time favorite comic illustrator. His previous Star Trek stuff for IDW (Assignment Earth, Star Trek Romulans, Star Trek Crew) has been just great. I bought the latter two in trade format and am still seeking the first. This fails to mention a lifetime of achievement in sci-fi and superhero drawin'. He's got more talent than me in every hair of his triple-blessed beard.

Also, McCoy is my utter favorite original Trek character. Sarcastic, slightly pervy, a bleeding heart cynic who wants to help everyone everywhere. This story must be set in 2270 or so, as the doc is sporting his 'ST: The Motion Picture' petulant early retirement beard.

Now, stay with me, in this joke cover McCoy's treating a Puppeteer (!), a beloved two-headed alien from the unutterably groovy Known Space Universe novels of Larry Niven. (seen here)

Both Niven and the puppeteer are sporting beards!
Yes, yes it is.

Don't care. Can't give a proper review for this one, since I want to read it in sequence.

But, frankly, I cannot see any way on God's Grey Earth that I won't love this comic.

So, enjoy your weekends, stroke your beards, and be excellent to each other.

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