Friday, February 26, 2010

Planet Earth

It was a Christmas gift from my pal Ron. Not the Earth itself. THAT is somewhat older. No, the BBC series 'Planet Earth' which my wife and I recently finished watching.
I'll tell you, I've gained a greater appreciation for what a startling, lush, and beautiful planet this is. And I don't want that to change.
Barnes and Barnes had the right idea in their song 'Don't Up The World'. It includes the rather important reminder: "You Came Here, It Didn't Come To You".
So, yeah, if we do manage to suffocate, burn or smother ourselves in our own garbage, well, civilization might just collapse. I guess if civilization collapses and we return to the world of beasts I probably won't have to worry. Sure, I'll be out of a job. Not gonna need bloggers. Who'll need bloggers? Bloggers won't last that long. I'll be somebody's bitch, somebody's burger, and somebody's warm winter coat, hopefully in that order and after I'm dead.
Meanwhile, the best thing humans can do right now seems to be taking a serious look at our greed levels. How many creature comforts do you have? Can you reduce them at all? If you can't even do that, at least don't reproduce.
The facts are these: Earth is overfull of us.
Your church or your family or your ego may be telling you that you want to have a baby. The thing is, we don't NEED another soldier in the fight against communism/Taliban/Imperialist pig-dogs.
'Pumping out another unit' is not necessarily the best course of action these days. George Carlin said it best about 7 minutes into this link from his pants-crappingly hilarious 'It's Bad For Ya': "Have you pictured what this planet is gonna be like in 40-50 years? It's gonna be a giant, flaming, stinking ball of shit! That's what's gonna happen... it's irresponsible to have more than one kid. Replacement value for yourself only. Don't even replace your husband."
Am I too alarmist? Damn it, sometimes you really DO have to look up and check whether the sky is falling. And what you might be doing to help it stay up!
Too preachy? TOO BAD.

Next week: Nothing relevant, I swear...

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