Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Favoririte Characters: True Blue

My suffering is rooted in desire. Desire to own and play Star Trek Online, released last week. But it's going to cost me. Time. And money. And that's AFTER I buy it.
Meanwhile, speaking of Star Trek characters, I bring you Pava Ek'noor sh'Aqabaa. Brought to life in 1997 by Chris Cooper, Chris Renaud, and Andy Lanning for Marvel's late, (lamented?) and unfinished Star Trek: Starfleet Academy comic book, Pava was invented as a supporting character in the Academy life of Deep Space Nine's loveable Ferengi Cadet Nog. The Andorian lady cadet was later co-opted into the Star Trek: Titan series of novels. She's still serving under Captain Riker... only not serving under him the way his wife Troi does. Presumably.
Plotwise, Pava is not much more than the guy who stands at the transporter going 'energizing, sir', but that's how Miles O'Brien started out, too. And Worf, come to that. Frankly, I LIKE the little guy. Not that Pava should be described as little. She's BIG. And blue. Like the Tick, but less crazed. She's quick with a quip, fierce to her foes, loyal to her friends, embarrassed by her mother (a holo-romance writer), and with a heart as big as the Alpha Quadrant beating in her big blue bosom for the bad boy Klingon Kovold. (Not only was their relationship doomed from the get-go, he killed her friend and she had to swear vengeance!)
Ahh, it was during the Dominion War, everybody was a little intense there for a while.
Her future on Titan is uncertain: struck down, seemingly comatose. Will she be killed for dramatic purposes? No matter what happens next, (if anything) Pava was bright spot of levity while Star Trek was spiralling down into darkness and obscurity. Damn you to Sto'Vo'Kor, 'Star Trek: Nemesis' et al!
Seriously, I'm jonesing for Star Trek Online. Is it any good?

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