Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Favorite Character Duo: The Fifth Element & Her Plus One

She was blasted out of the heavens. He drove up from the slums. When they found each other it was adventure throughout the worlds between!
Maybe it's a little late in the month for this, but The Fifth Element has what may be my favorite love story of all moviedom. It's all due to the appealing characters of roguish Korben Dallas and warrior Leeloo.
When we meet him, still-youthful Korben has grown weary and numb in an exciting, eclectic, but exhausting future world.
Although she is an ancient and powerful being, Leeloo has the delight of a child as she rediscovers the world after many centuries away.
Dallas has left the life of a soldier for the subsistence living of a cabbie. Though loaded down with cynicism he never stops trying and makes a brave journey in the service of his perfect woman.
Leeloo is full of energy and vigor, renewed in her mission to save the world. But all she learns of the history of humanity plummets her into despair.
They end up saving each other and the light of their love saves the Earth into the bargain.
The kindness, warmth, compassion and especially humor they share warms my leathery old heart every time I see this movie.
I'm not saying Love has been like that for me... O.K., yes, I am! You got me.
So here's to these characters and to all of you real world folks, too. Keep Clear and keep trying until "the perfect one" falls into your life. Shine your little light of love for all you're worth, and until then this is Ruby Rod screeching: "AAAH! WHAT'S WRONG WITCHOO?!!!"

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