Monday, January 18, 2010

Rudiments of Wisdom

A successful used bookstore jaunt netted me, among other things, a great title from the Marvel Max line: Paul Cornell's Rudiments of Wisdom trade paperback. I am a recent fan of this Hugo award nominated English author, I have enjoyed several of his Doctor Who novels including 'No Future'.
Pete Wisdom, a mutant ne'er-do-well previously featured in Warren Ellis' 'Pryde & Wisdom', is leads a team of occult-battling freaks called MI-13.
MI-13 includes the emo fairie daughter of Oberon, the clairvoyant Maureen Raven, crusty old Captain Midlands, and (my favorite) Skrull John (an alien Skrull in the form of John Lennon).
Pete and company begrudgingly protect England of the Marvel Universe from vicious fairies, nasty drunk dragons, sleeping giants, runaway dreams, you name it. This leads into another series I have begun to enjoy, 'Captain Britain and MI-13'. It's all old hat to comics fans by now, but Paul Cornell is fantastic and I dig the Englishness of this story. Heartily recommended!

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