Monday, December 14, 2009

My Favorite Musicals of the Noughties

In making a list of favorite music of the decade, I discovered if I flaked off songs from musicals and TV theme tunes I could create whole new categories. That's why I am awesome!
There are many other possibilities, of course, but as I do not live in New York or L.A. I have not seen half of the musicals "available". Also, I am not made of cash. Also, I haven't seen the High School Musicals and I find all the characters on Glee shallow, inhuman, and reprehensible. Like Kath & Kim without the warmth. If I wanted to see lizards in human skin singing with artificial voices, I'd make my own TV show. Never mind, no, I wouldn't I'm far too lazy. So rather than waste your time with a list of eight musicals I've never made, I bring you.


8. Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny- Classico alone should earn this admittedly imperfect movie a place in our hearts forever. Or be quickly forgotten. Whichever.

7. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog- So They Say, like the rest of these songs, was finalist for my favorite of the decade. I was willing to trade happy ending for message here, and this HUGO winner was something I preferred to many Hugo NOVELS I've read.

6. My Musical: Scrubs- Friends Forever/What's Going to Happen To Me?
I'm not sure if I'll last with Scrubs: Med School but I love this musical TV episode very much indeed. I well up inside sometimes. In a manly way! And 'Guy Love' is uncompromisingly, uncomfortably hetero and also the gayest of songs. Sometimes you just have to say it: I love you, man.

5. Once More With Feeling: Buffy the Vampire Slayer- Walk Through the Fire never fails to impress me. The whole episode is full of non-expert singers but the music and lyrics triumph anyway. No, I'm not kidding. This is really f@#king good, damnit!

4. Flight of the Conchords the series was the best thing on TV. Is this hyperbole? Is this subjective? Should I just say my favorite? No. It's the best.

3. Hairspray- You Can't Stop the Beat & Without Love are wonderous. My wife played this soundtrack for me, and I still have to imagine the stage play because I've only seen the movie. And I wish they'd let the villainous Van Tussles sing in the movie version because that's one of the most important things I hear in the song: even the villains are allowed to become part of the new world the heroes are singing about. That's what a happy ending SHOULD be.

2. Avenue Q- Schadenfraude & There is Life Outside Your Apartment
The crippling cynicism of modern life coupled with the infectious cuteness of the Street of Sesame was a brilliant notion and I still desperately hope to see this performed someday.

1. Wicked- Defying Gravity & As Long as You're Mine win the best musical of the decade in my book. My wife took me to a performance in London for my 33rd birthday. It was utterly splendid. I was stunned by the ending (having read the book version) but I realised over a bacon and chicken sarnie in a carboard box from Marks and Sparks that I liked it. A lot.

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