Friday, April 8, 2011

You Had Me at Tomar-Re

On a lighter note, if there's a bright center to the universe, it's the planet Oa.

Depicted in the latest trailer for the 'Green Lantern' movie, it powered my ring with manboy glee and if you're not there yet, watch the trailer. It's only 4 minutes, I'll wait.

Watched it yet? Handsome Ryan Reynolds is in it...


WATCH IT AGAIN! O.K., I'll lay off.

If Shirtless Ryan Reynolds (TM) being flippant and telling Miss Carol Ferris to 'get her pants off and let's fly some planes' in the first trailer wasn't enough, now we have earnest Ryan being earnest! And if his recitation of The Oath didn't get ya, then HOW BOUT THOSE ALIENS?

Think I spotted trustworthy Sinestro, gentle Kilowog, lovely Tomar-Re, lucky Abin Sur, funnyman Salaak, shy Boodika, warm Stel, soft Hannu, tolerant Ismot Kol, that purplish guy the Green Man, and a floating pumpkin that might be Olapet but probably isn't.

Still haven't seen the three-legged nectarine. (Yes, I know he's called Galius Zed.)

See? If the humor, energy and sex appeal of the first trailer didn't win you over, they've got weird thingummies only nerds can name plus SPLOSIONS!

And I know this diverges from the origin story I've read (where Abin Sur whisks Hal to his side with his power ring as he lies dying in his crashed spaceship) but I really liked the idea of this version: Hal runs to help! Kind of preferred how it gave me an immediate sense of his bravery. Thanks, trailer!

Yes, it's true. I've offered this trailer my hand in marriage. Will it be jilted at the alter for the actual film? Will my human wife approve? Wouldn't Blake Lively make a better Arisia the perky-blonde-space-pixie than the all-work-no-play-raven-haired-aviatrix Carol? If Hal was Archie Andrews doesn't that make Arisia Betty and Carol Veronica? Does acting skill REALLY matter more than follicle coloration?

Only the Guardians of Oa know for sure!

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