Monday, November 15, 2010

My Favourite Characters: Third World Americans

Bob, June and Carol Ann Wheeler (Brent Spiner, Annie O'Donnell, and Keri Houlihan) recently made my day in the Night Court episode 'The Wheels of Justice'.  Click on that for a youtube clip, stay with me for a summary.

Night Court lead Judge Harold (Harry Anderson) Stone's Reason For Being (apart from corny jokes, magic tricks, and Mel Torme) is his upbeat, often unwarranted optimism, and on a REALLY bad day that tests Harry's very soul he meets the Wheelers: the last straw.

They are the ultimate pathetisad expression of Third World America (thanks, Ron, for a recent episode of Real Time with Bill Maher which used that phrase).  

They became recurring characters because nothing makes us laugh like people worse off than us, and NOBODY is worse off than the Wheelers!  Begging the courts to lock them up forever or just give them the gas chamber, with a grandma dead on the railroad tracks and a dog embedded in a tree, there is no end to their bottomless misery.

My fiscal inability to afford a root canal up front is about to make ME over as a gap-toothed hillbilly myself.  Or at least remind me that despite my comfortable status I really am only a couple of paychecks (and a tornado) away from becoming the Wheelers.

And just in case you searched for the terms 'tornado' and 'Wheelers' I'm not going to disappoint you like a little girl who'll 'NEVER see Disneyland, not in a MILLION years':
And remember never to say: "Whelp, It Could BE WORSE."

Because, Yes, it can.

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