Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Comic Review: The Ballad of Halo Jones

From 1984 to 1986 there was, in 2000AD, an adventure from 4949 that I just read in 2010!  I love that sentence.  

From the minds and pens of British artist Ian Gibson and brambly hedge in human guise Alan Moore (pictured) comes a three part space opera about an ordinary 50th century gal.  

Book One throws us into the slang-filled future time of young Halo Jones. Features a shopping trip as undertaken by Mad Max on the oceanic slum called the Hoop.  Gibson's cheerful art works well. (That artist is one hoopy frood, I saw his stuff previously in DC's mid-1980's Mr. Miracle comics.) 

Book Two has Halo sign aboard repurposed old starliner Clara Pandy as a hostess.  Mystery, murder,  and tragedy.  THAT'S moore (sorry) what I've come to expect from the 'From Hell' guy!

Book Three has Halo in the military in her early thirties.  Slaughter and discoveries.

It's a little bit 'Hitchhiker's Guide', a little 'Forever War', a smidgen of 'Podkayne of Mars'.  All splendid.  It's my kind of thing EXACTLY, I'd like to own it one day.  It's SO good!

And although the tale is built to support at least three moore (sorry) books, that's all they wrote, and all there ever will be!

 Fleetway comics, also known as IPC, (the makers of 2000AD magazine) and Moore disputed the rights to the character and couldn't resolve the issue.  Typical.  Moore may be a genius, but I get the impression he doesn't play well with others.  

Yah, yah, blame the madman rather than the evil corporation, I'M THE JERK, fine, all I know is: gimme more story, damnit!  Stop fighting over the cash and spin me a fucking yarn!  Then make a half-assed movie out of it so I don't have to think so hard when I'm reading it!

Sigh.  This was supposed to be complimentary, consarnit.  (I'm really sweating this tooth extraction tomorrow.) What I mean to say is: thanks very much, Mr. Gibson, Mr. Moore, for the highly enjoyable fantasy that took my mind off my crap for a while.  Keep up the good work!

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