Friday, November 19, 2010

Focused, Non-Terminal Repeating Phantasm

Dentistry's done now, much easier than expected. 

I joined the august ranks of the cackling gap-toothed cartoon mascots like Mad Cat or Slimer from the Real Ghostbusters.

Can YOU spot the difference?

Thanks to Teletoon Retro this week for a blast from the past, the ghost with the most, that stinky, smelly, bloated bellied, lousy, gluttonous spud from beyond.  (And ironically, had his own toothpaste.)

Voiced by Ivan Reitman, Frank Welker, Billy West, and Troy Baker at various times, Slimer was (in  Dan Ackroyd's mind at least) the ghost of John Belushi, and I can only hope he would have appreciated that(?).

When I cast off this mortal coil like a discarded rotten tooth, I intend to haunt your refrigerators and hotel dessert carts myself.
Certainly Slimer is easy for kids to love, as kids are also incoherent, ravenous, mung-encrusted, and usually full of sugary cereal.

I certainly was. And am.

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The Doc said...'re the green one, right?