Sunday, July 11, 2010

Comic Review: The Ten Doctors by Richard Morris

Seriously, you guys! You guys. Seriously.

There is no way to review this comic without gushing like the world's nerdiest nerd.

Yesterday while browsing for Doctor Who images I found these charming pages coloured by eclecticmuse. Following her links, I learned that they comprised the first six pages of a 247 page epic romp from the pencil of Canadian storyboard artist and probably my new favorite human Rich Morris.

Between 2007 and 2009 he posted 'The Ten Doctors', an unofficial and astonishing comic. Not endorsed by, but featuring, elements from 40 years worth of BBC's Doctor Who series. Crafted by a writer-artist of the highest caliber.

1983's anniversary special 'The Five Doctors' brought together (try and keep up) 4 (sort of) versions of the time-travelling alien called The Doctor on a convoluted adventure wherein he and his companions battle foes from twenty years of his TV history. This adventure comic revisits the concept but with the limitless boundaries of an unfettered comic instead of a budget TV special.

I exaggerate not even slightly when I tell you this is the finest Doctor Who comic I've ever had the pleasure to read. By turns I was laughing out loud, thrilling to what the next bizarre plot twist might be, or wondering where the next left-field cameo was coming from. I marvelled at the characterization of all 10 Doctors bickering with and befriending one another, and of 20 plus companions getting into and out of jams with varying degrees of skill and pluck. Oh, the villainy! Oh, the hijinx! Of all things- the touching farewells.

There is nothing like this anywhere- published.

Will the BBC buy the rights and make a book-length graphic novel? Only time will tell. This was clearly a labour of love, but I'd still like to give this guy my money for a coloured, bound hardcopy of this impossibly good story.

Maybe I can colour it myself...

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