Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Long-awaited Levitz Legion!

Today I plunked down my quatloos at Happy Harbor Comics for Legion of Super-Heroes #1, written by Paul Levitz and illustrated by Yildray Cinar. Check out my earlier posts for some Gushy McFanboy devoting a week to the Legion and their kooky adventures a thousand years hence.
So, here's the spoilers. Future! Planet exploding! Brainiac 5 STILL not getting a haircut!
Twenty years since his hundred-odd issue runs on various Legion titles in the seventies and eighties, and I'm excited to see Paul Levitz freed from the Phantom Zone and back in action like Lar 'Mon-El' Gand only less allergic to pencil lead!
This former DC President was responsible for much of modern Legion history and storytelling style. He brought us the Great Darkness Saga, weathered the First Crisis, and so much more.
Their Interlac looks a little rusty (page four's planet Titan Academy and Time Institute seem to be labelled 'ACACDEMY' & 'TIME INSTITUE') and convicted anti-alien bigot and murderer Earth-Man seems to be breaking the Legion code just by being a member, but I'll be a Korbal lightning beast if I don't look forward to next issue. (It's probably a Titanian dialect thing)
What just happened to Imra's kids? What on Oa is a Dyogene when it's squishing around at home like a floating blue slug? Who's Polar Boy's bed-friend on page 36? And how soon will Matter-Eater Lad and company be back from their 21st Century Espionage mission? Now?... Now?... How 'bout now?
Check out the ongoing Legion title for the current events of 3010, and ongoing Adventure Comics (also by Levitz) for some catch-up backstory, and discuss it all at message boards. Welcome to the future!

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