Monday, May 17, 2010

Time to Ditch Chuck

Or was that chuck Ditch? Nope, there's no TV show called Ditch. Maybe next year.
What am I jabbering about, you ask? This time last year I was looking forward to season 3 of Chuck, a clever little spy-show parody with an attractive and amusing cast.
And at the time, that seemed reasonable.
Yeah, I'm done with that now.
Instead of an untrained, inept but loveable not-a-spy who has no chance with the spy-girl, we have a trained, deadly but difficult to like spy who has, in fact, already GOT the spy-girl. And his wacky secret identity boring life is no more, so mad dog spy Casey has to get a real job cause Chuck has the mad dog spy job. Right? There's not much comedy or drama, and no romantic tension or clever parody left. It's just a so-so spy show these days. I'm not even sure the incomparable Scott Bakula can peak my interest any longer. I'm sad to admit it.
But it got a fourth season!
Better Off Ted? Cancelled.
V? Renewed.
Pushing Daisies? Cancelled.
Chuck? Renewed.
Dogs and Cats? Living together.
Am I complaining too much? Good!
Read a book!

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