Friday, March 12, 2010

An Emotional Spectrum of Comic-Creating Madness

Oh, the horror! The Horror!
Once again I unleash upon an unsuspecting world the full force of my extremely mediocre comic-making abilities!
Five years now I've participated with varying degrees of success in Happy Harbor Comics events. Painstakingly rendering entire 24 page comics in 24 hours, 12 page comics in 12 hours, whatever the market will bear. And all for worthy causes, most recently, the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization.
All several of my fans have marveled at the exploits of 'superhero' Monkey McDevill, sexy angel Lynnyth Van Vavavoom, space adventurers Stalwart & Tru, and my own autobiographical dinner with Boba Fett.
This year, if all goes well, I want to goad myself into completing the superhero comedy novel I've percolated in my head for too damn long (since last summer). So, if I can wrangle a tie-in, I will.
Random theme, event, and character are chosen in the morning, which may make a tie-in impossible.
But that's the challenge, right?
All hail fair Happy Harbor Comics, and Jay Bardyla who sails her. Like a shepherd. In a mixed metaphor of some kind.
Oh, Coast City! Why, why?!
(And, yes, the grey at my temples DOES indicate my recent and tragic possession by Parrallax the yellow demon of fear.)

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