Saturday, January 3, 2009

Abandoned Blog Re-Discovered by Simpleton

Hiya. So it's Ought Nine. And a year without posts. I'm Mike McDevitt, engaged to Trish Van Doornum, I work at Chapters bookstore Whyte Avenue as the magazine department guy. I'm a pudgy, gradually greying 32 year-old. I'm on the threadbare blue couch in the living room of the condo we own 9 months worth of. So, the floor under the doormat, then.
I've got some good friends. Kirk & Kayla & their daughters- we visit each Sunday night. Ron (co-worker) & Darrel- Wednesday movie buds. Anthony & Jodi (Trish's co-worker)- regular Doctor Who night and hangin' out.
I just posted a comment on Peter David's blog. My first. I have butterflies about the whole thing, because I idolize the man, yet my post contained criticism of his She-Hulk comic. Sort of the same thing as my previous rants only hopefully watered down.
But what's really stupid is I criticized a writer, when my own writing output this year was a sparse paragraph in November, an unfinished short story which sucks too hard to finish, and my ongoing and entirely unnecessary Marvel Comics Chronology and Doctor Who Chronology.
I thought I'd continue in the same vein. Can't think of anything to complain about, so I have some favorites to mention.
My favorite Doctor Whos from most to least:
10th- oh, he's brilliant
9th- fantastic just about covers it
7th- psychologist-magician, the odd little guy with the wicked mind & childlike heart
4th- the first I knew, the scarf, the Douglas Adams dialouge, absolutely barmy
5th- bland of dress, young, kind, millions of light years better in radio scripts
8th- the optimist who only has the radio scripts to shine in
6th- iconoclast, sabotaged, better than his writers, Big Finish Radio redeemed him
2nd- the little tramp whose best stuff may still be lost (even good as a cartoon!)
3rd- the dandy, too stiff for me to truly love, but a trouper to the end
1st- is he difficult to like? grouchiest grandfather, but in the end, very English

My top ten Doctor Who companions from most to least:
Ace- Wicked
Donna- Noble
K-9- there are those who love the tin dog, and those who are wrong
Romana II- such the foil for the Doctor
Rose- a love interest at last?
Sarah Jane- so cool
Benny- gratuitous, but won me over on radio
Leela- brings the brawn when the Doctor brings the brains
Nyssa- the whole package, better off with radio scripts
The Brig- is he a companion? Or is the Doctor his? My man Alistair.

And the rest. Adric, Tegan, Romana I, Turlough, Ian, Susan, Criz- I haven't ranked them, maybe I will one day. Maybe Peri's at the top of the list, she didn't have good scripts but she did wear a bikini once. Maybe Dodo's at the bottom... is that fair to any of the others who deserve last place?

For those eager to read my ranking of comic book movies... you clearly have no lives but tune in tomorrow.

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