Monday, March 14, 2011

We're Bi-Winning

Long ago and far away
I met my love and she did stay.
Insufficient are these words to say
My soul's fulfillment night and day.

Six years ago I wrote and drew a comic adventure version of my real-life blossoming romance.

Monkey McDevill, whose cape was a bedsheet, fell in love with the unquenchable foul-mouthed angel Lynnyth Van Vavavoom.

In their three modestly illustrated tales of hoversharks and time-traveling dinosaur scientists (available from Happy Harbor Comics they managed to vanquish evil, good, and Spider-Like Man.

Today I celebrate the second anniversary of our real-life nuptials with a modestly illustrated reminder of the heights to which we can soar.
Not to mention the big damn flaming sword and flinging of the poopies we forever wield against our enemies (who are thankfully few, and probably very weak).

Thanks, Trishy. You are best.

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