Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Favourite Characters: The Host With The Most

"I can hold a note forever. But it's the change we're listening for. That's what makes it music."

My favourite character from the late, great TV show 'Angel' was Lorne, the demon empath. (Gorgeous pic from Aakami of Poland)

Lorne may be a demon, but he's one heck of a nice guy. Formerly known as Krevlornswath of the Dethwok Clan from the hell dimension of Pylea. Pylea is a barbaric world of swords and slavery. A world with plenty of quests and slaying and no music at all.

He was an outcast and a madman in his dimension because of his non-violent ways. His father always figured they'd eaten the wrong son. In 1996 when he fell through a portal to Los Angeles he never looked that gift horse portal in the mouth. And he never looked back, either. He constructed and became The Host of a karaoke bar he called 'Caritas', Latin for 'mercy'. It catered to both humans and demons, provided they left their grudges outside. If you were willing to let your guard down and sing, he could read your future.

Lorne was portrayed with wit and panache by the late, lamented Andy Hallett.
"Angel" was a strong, well-written show with many fine actors in the regular and guest cast. There's no reason to diminish anyone else by picking a favourite here. (It's just a way to put some 'oomph' in a blog title, baby.) He was a good hearted, sarcastic but supportive supporting character. And chief among his many talents, he had one hell of a beautiful singing voice.

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