Friday, February 25, 2011

Wonderful Chap.

Ask me again when I'm 80 and I'll tell you 81 years are not enough. But I'd be content (with reservations- let's face it, I'm not great with contentment) if I was immortalized by fans as devoted as the Doctor Who crowd.

I wouldn't be terribly surprised if Nicholas Courtney is still remembered in 2050 (when his beloved character, the Brigadier, is said to have died in his sleep).

Nor in the year 4000 AD- when Bret Vyon (descendant of the Brig, perhaps?) perished in the eternal struggle with the Daleks.

Will the Face of Boe still dream dreams of UNIT defending the Earth billions of years from now in the decades after the End of the World?

I don't know. But it's a cinch Whovians will remember Nicholas Courtney with great honour and fondness.

Remembered, with hope and the right friends, even beyond the death of time.

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