Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Favourite Characters: Hi Ho Duke!

"You had me at meat tornado."

My usual focus (some might say myopic obsession) here at Mike's Best Blog Ever is genre fiction, typically the subset once known as scientifiction. Or SYFY, for whatever THAT'S worth.

But of late my PVR is piled high with situation comedies, and I gotta tell ya: I'm fine with that.

Parks & Recreation, somehow entering its third season despite being too awesome for TV, is one I really appreciate. Set in the Pawnee, Indiana Parks & Rec Department, this delightful show (like real life) has only real human beings, few mustache-twirling super-villains. So with some reluctance (they're ALL too damn funny & easy to recognize myself in) I present my favourite character: Ron Swanson.

Libertarian director of the department who wishes all government was miniscule and run like a Chuck E. Cheese, Ron IS greatness. Swanson (portrayed with understated aplomb by Nick Offerman) possesses the insidious qualities of selfishness and indolence in such a relatable proportion that I find it impossible to condemn his evil ways.

After all, well-intentioned people working hard to BETTER the community (case in point, series lead Leslie Knope) are bound to screw it up most of the time.

But he who never tries, never fails.

Also, he's not failing in his secret career as jazz musician Duke Silver.

Moreover, when goaded or coerced with foodstuffs (not unlike a dancing bear) Ron Swanson CAN be made to help others. Grudgingly.

Gruff. Manly. Possessed of a thick torso. Avoids skim milk. Devisor of the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness (shown here and everywhere else on the interwebs).

I shit you not: you should be watching Parks and Recreation.

And turning your own pit into a park.

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