Sunday, November 24, 2013

Nifty, Nifty Look Who's Fifty

All right, all right, I know. I've arrived late as usual, just like a certain time-traveling nutter everyone's rather keen on. Did anyone on the Interwebs mention that the UK's most delightfully eccentric SF TV show turned 50 yesterday? I thought not!

Well, it did. In the interest of avoiding any of space archeologist River Song's beloved "Spoilers!" All I'm going to say about the Steven Moffat-penned 50th Anniversary special "The Day of The Doctor" itself is- it was brilliant! Loved it! Exciting! Hilarious! Go watch it, won't you? It's broken a Guinness Record for broadcast, apparently.

But the experience itself was also a wonderment. My wife's friend Cailín was utterly prepared for the event with the 11th Doctor's taste sensation (fish fingers and custard, delightful, by the by), jammy dodgers in a TARDIS cookie jar, and (our many thanks) Doctor Who-themed mug cosy/wrist warmers she knitted herself. As the 4th Doctor once said of Madame Nostradamus (who fashioned his iconic tripping scarf, don't you know) "She's a witty little knitter".

Cailín and her friend Randy were charming on a very fine afternoon indoors. And many thanks to the patience and for the presence of my impossibly lovely wife Trish. For all the re-runs and Doctor Who docs and even that little Google game. Thank you sweetie, for sharing time and space with me.

Happy 50th Birthday, Doctor Who.

Travel Anywhere- especially Home.

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