Monday, January 24, 2011

TV REVIEW: Generator Rex

Due to the seeming diminishment of new sci-fi TV, I roam farther afield to bring you news of possible merit.

Generator Rex is the latest teen sci-fi super-hero cartoon from "Man of Action", the team of dudes who created the lucrative Ben 10 series-es's. It tells the tale of a future time, 5 years after a horrible 'Event' unleashed tiny mechanisms into the atmosphere. These nanites now infuse every living thing, periodically causing random & drastic genetic changes. Those affected are known as EVOs (Exponentially Variegated Organisms). With one exception these mutants cannot control their abilities and/or have gone mad: Rex (Daryl Sabara).

In the footsteps of shape-shifters like Metamorpho, the T-1000, Star Trek's Odo, but mostly cyborg law enforcer Inspector Gadget, Rex can extrude massive, seemingly mechanical, appendages such as a helicopter backpack, piston powered jumping boots, grasping tongs or cutting shears. And, sometimes, his touch can cure other EVOs.

These abilities make him a prized commodity for Providence, the SHIELD-meets-Torchwood quasi-military agency tasked with saving civilization from rampaging science monsters.

Meet the lovely but no-nonsense Dr. Holiday (Grey DeLisle). And the laconic, no-nonsense be-suited swordsman Agent Six (Wally Kurth). Even the talking monkey Bobo (John DiMaggio) isn't especially pro-nonsense. And he has laser guns.

Somewhat unhelpfully, Teletoon ran the episodes out of sequence, episode 4 first, then 1 & 2. Fortunately, the show is very action-oriented, and not yet burdened with much back-story.

What happened during the Event? How did Rex lose his memory? What are the various oogey-boogey EVOs and clandestine shadowy figures up to next, most especially the head of Providence, White Knight (J.K. Simmons)?

Will the space police known as Plumbers (featured in Ben 10) stop by to help?

O.K., not too likely.

Based on the Image comic 'M.Rex' and very slickly animated, this is a better experience than your average episode of new 'V'. In the fickle world of TV, I give it 2 seasons.

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