Friday, September 4, 2009

The Perfect Panel Project #3

From the city once 'famous' as the Archie capital of planet Earth I bring you greetings and a panel perfectly encapsulating the friendship of Veronica Lodge and Elizabeth Cooper. Before the term 'Frenemies' existed, there was Ronnie and Betty. From Little Archie #4 1957 by Bob Bolling comes an eternal struggle which anyone with friends or siblings is sure to recognize.
Word at Pop Tate's has it that Archie and Ronnie may soon tie the knot, ending the triangle of bitterness... forever? Of course, this being comics, I also expect Archie will soon be making a deal with Mephisto to exchange Ronnie for Betty.
It's not dissimilar to the deal Mr. Weatherbee once made to make the populace of Riverdale immortal- reliving the same year of their lives over and over and over and over as the world moves on around them in a macabre dance of perpetual merriment and torment.
Keep abreast of the lighter side of the human condition by visiting your local comic store.
I recommend Happy Harbor Comics if you're ever up north in the Archie capital.
They'll be happy to be your new worst best friend.

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